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Birdseed bars

These little bars are a work in progress, I make them, I eat the lot, I wriggle the recipe, I make them again, I eat the lot again..... You get the picture, they are so quick and easy, and so delicious, and because they have a lot of really good things in them it is very easy to say, oh, they are full of nutrient, I can have one more. Let us be really clear, they DO have lots of wonderful things in them, they are also high in chocolate and sugar, so this puts them into the treat category, but as treats go, well, they are definitely on the better side.

Yes. Okay. Magnificent. And so quick and easy too. You ready?


1 1/2 cups of seeds, I used half a cup each of pepita, sunflower and sesame, but I have done these with linseeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds too, all are yum, none are wrong, just make sure you end up with a cup and a half total

1/2 cup activated buckwheat kernels, you can get these from the macro range at Woolworths, make sure you get the activated, not the raw, if you don't want to go with those I have made these with puffed quinoa or rice bubbles, remember, half a cup

Pop these into a tray, toast them at 170 degrees C until just lightly toasted and fragrant, about ten minutes. If you are using puffed quinoa or rice bubbles, don't toast these, just stir them in once the seeds have cooled down a bit.

200g good quality cooking chocolate, I used pana for this as it is dairy free, but I have also made this with cadbury milk cooking chocolate, don't use eating chocolate, we are not tempering this so you may have setting issues.

80g golden syrup or honey

100g peanut butter, I prefer the smooth for this

Pop the chocolate, golden syrup and peanut butter into a breakfast bowl, melt gently (50% heat maximum) in a microwave, stirring often until all melted and stirred together. Stir through your seedy buckwheat mix, press into the bottom of a tray lined with two layers of cling wrap or baking paper. I used a small rectangular casserole dish for this as I wanted it to be reasonably chunky. Pop into the fridge until set, overnight if you can resist it, but for a least three hours, cut into fingers, don't eat them all at once. Store in the fridge and eat cold.



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