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Big Breakfast

So out of interest I thought I would make and examine a big breakfast this morning, to counter-balance all those vegan and super health conscious brekkies that have been trundling through here.

Okay, so this is probably what most of us dream about when we think of a Big Breakfast, so I was interested to see how it went nutrition-wise.

What do we have here? Well, cherry tomatoes, two slices of silverside (leftover from a dinner earlier in the week), an egg, some baked beans, a slice of wholemeal toast (trying to see how much grain my food intolerant body can handle, this was eaten 30 minutes ago, I am now wearing the Corset of Pain and my hands have cramped up and my poor asthmatic chest is wheezing, so the answer to that one seems to still be, as it has been for quite a long time - none), a banana-choc smoothie, a mandarin and a cup of coffee.

Let's have a look at it.

Right kJs -2800, that is a good start for me, remember my target is about 9400kJs a day.

Protein - 47.9g, whoops, exceeded my daily protein RDI in one meal.

Fats - 23% (5.3% saturated plus trans fats), well, that is a bit of a surprise, I suspected it would be higher than that, that is right down the lower end of our RDI target ratio.

Carbohydrate - 42%, yeah, okay, that is a little below our lowest target ratio of 45%

Fibre - 15g - nice, 60% of our RDI

For interests sake, and because of the silverside, let's have a quick look at the sodium and the iron.

Sodium 835mg, okay, that is about 42% of my suggested upper limit. Need to bear that in mind.

Iron 5.2mg, so for my age we are looking for 8-18mg of iron, depending on the state of my menstrual cycle, so this is a nice whack of iron either way.

So what do we take from this, well, it is swings and roundabouts really, isn't it? To get the necessary kJs to function, we need the macronutrients, and when one swings up high on the pendulum, another will drop, in this case, this meal is high in protein and low in carbs, the surprising one for me is the fat content because I expected it to be higher, which just goes to show how tricky it can be to judge these things.

I would say this meal is not as bad as I thought it would be, that said, it is not something I would eat every day, but once or twice a week, this would be okay for me, especially if I had an especially active day coming up.


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