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  • Michelle

Beauty in unexpected places

Have you ever seen a parsley flower? They are my most favourite flower. Or maybe chives. Actually, the lemon balm is in flower at the moment and it is a glorious thing. How about these then?

Isn’t that a beauty? A pom-pom of delight. It is a French shallot. That something so pungent and savoury makes such delicate blooms delights me. Here, look at its seed set.

Like fairy purses. I am going to gather these when they are ripe and scatter them through the vegie beds. Some gardeners like everything to be planned and meticulous, I love volunteers, and onion volunteers are particularly useful as you can eat the leaves like spring onions, and each variety tastes a little different. Maybe we should call them chef’s volunteers.

Have a lovely day, Xxm.


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