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Bath time

I had to go into Mt Barker this morning and I happened upon the cutest thing! Want to see?

I was feeling a little blue as I was on my way to get a mammogram, not the nicest thing to do on a Thursday morning (though the BreastScreen SA ladies are lovely, I have yet to meet one who wasn’t), and I walked past these guys. Obviously they were watering the plants and the irrigation had made a puddle, there were four of these maggies, all warbling and splashing, and they totally ignored me when I was walking past and kept on with their bath.

We have spoken before about remembering that we do not walk this world alone and here is a perfect example, and a good way of showing how we, as humans, can make the life of our wildlife just a bit easier.

Yesterday I went over to check the chicken’s water and Lizzy was there paddling in their old frying pan that I use to put their water in, another example of giving just a little helping hand. I took a few more photos of these funny guys, I love this one of the older one having a good splash. Happy Thursday!


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