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Banana Strawberry Waffles

It is waffle-mania at the Cookie House at the moment, I am on somewhat of a bender because I have magicked up the most delicious grain free waffle mixture and am trying it all different ways. Spoiler alert - this one was YUM!

Oh my goodness! Goodness never looked so good! So these are grain, gluten and dairy free, but even if you can eat grains I urge you to try these because diversity in the diet is a very good thing, and you will never know these are high fibre, high protein, full of good stuff.

Ingredients - made 4 and a bit waffles

25g chick pea flour (besan)

25g green banana flour

9g baking powder

2 eggs

30g milk (I used almond milk)

pinch salt

1 teaspoon sugar

4g psyllium husk

1 large ripe banana (125)

125g frozen strawberries

Olive oil spray

Combine the flours, psyllium and baking powder, set aside. Mash the banana, stir in the eggs and milk, sugar and salt, chop the frozen strawberries (easier to do while they are frozen), stir in, now stir in your flour mixture until you have a nice batter. Let that sit for a minute while you heat your waffle iron, this will give the psyllium a chance to soak up a little of the moisture, which will make the psyllium less dry, and the finished waffle less fragile. Right, waffle iron hot? Spray it with olive oil spray and then pop some of the mixture into the middle, I can't say for you how much mixture to use because all waffle irons are different sizes, for me, I put in a heaped dessert spoon and a half because I prefer my waffles not to go all the way to the edge, because this way they fit in the toaster afterwards, but it is up to you, you don't want uncooked waffle mixture oozing out of the sides, less is more here. Pop the lid down, cook until golden brown, these ones will cook a little faster than the savoury ones we have been making because of the sugar, so keep an eye on them.

Lift out and lay on a rack to steam and cool.

Pile onto a plate, you can toast them for a minute first if you want to get them hot again, I do, load up with your favourite toppings, for me, with this waffle, that was ice cream and maple syrup, and enjoy!

I will have to rename this blog the waffle house if I keep on going like this!


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