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Banana Choc Muffin - Gluten, dairy, nut free

Following on from our conversation about Acceptance and Alternatives I offer you here a muffin so very good that no one will believe it is gluten, dairy and nut free.

I make a variety of little cakes for Convalita Gourmet that are gluten, dairy and nut free and the feedback we get is amazing. I have one lady who stops at one of the cafes that sells our Sticky Date Pudding every morning and buys one frozen for her morning tea at work. I had a lady ring me who had bought our Goody Loaf who was Coeliac and was almost in tears, she had given up cake because she didn’t like the gluten free options and had not had cake in years, she took a chance on one of our Goody Loaves and is now keeps a box of them in the freezer for when she wants a sweet treat.

Anyway, these little muffins are gluten free, dairy free and nut free and taste bud friendly. Give them a try, they are gorgeous. For those of you who are not gluten and dairy free I will dig out my regular banana muffin recipe for you, that one is delicious too, so then we will have a sweet treat for almost everyone.

Cookie House Kitchen Banana Choc Muffins - gf, df, nf

200g pitted dates

400ml water

12g baking powder

6 eggs

2 mashed very ripe bananas

100g dark chocolate, I use an 85% cocoa but you use whatever is good for you

100g olive oil

250g sugar

90g coconut flour

30g green banana flour 

160g tapioca flour

20g baking powder (additional)

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Place the pitted dates and water into a large pot, bring to boil, remove from heat, add the 12g baking powder, when it has stopped frothing, add the sugar and olive oil and purée it.

It should look like this -

I use this as the base for a lot of my gluten free cakes, the dates add moisture and glue that helps the cake from being dry and crumbly, so often a complaint about gluten free baked goods.

In a separate bowl combine your dry ingredients, the flours, the extra baking powder, the cinnamon, make sure you give it a good stir, coconut flour loves to clump,

When the date mixture has cooled a bit stir in the mashed banana, then the eggs, then the combined dry ingredients and finally the chopped chocolate, a warning here, if your mixture is still warm your chocolate will start to melt immediately, I don’t mind this, but do be careful not to overwork it, you want a nice ripple effect, not a brown batter. If you want chocolate chunks, wait until your date mix has cooled fully.

Pour the batter into lined muffin tins, I used a regular sized tin but a tulip case as I wanted them to be a good single serve size, achieved by slightly overfilling the cases, see?

If I filled a patty pan right to the top of the muffin cup hole like this it would overflow, the tulip case allows for a bigger muffin without needing to go to a bigger Texas style muffin tray.

Bake at 180 degrees Celsius, fan forced for 25 - 30 minutes or until cooked through, puffed and gorgeous.

Makes 22.

And look at that, nothing dry and crumbly about that muffin, in fact, no one will know it is gluten free unless you tell them! You could add a ganache of dark chocolate and coconut oil to them if you wanted, or a dust of cinnamon and icing sugar, but I think that is gilding the lily (says she who had two hot the other night with a square of dark chocolate melted on the top).

If you don’t want to make them we do sell these through Convalita Gourmet, (though they do have a chocolate buttercream on top so if you can’t eat butter you would need to let Karen know so we can do some for you without the icing), contact Karen at



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