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Baby Spinach

Do you ever buy a bag of baby spinach at the supermarket, open it, use a little bit and then forget about it and it turns into green slime in the bottom of your veggie crisper? I do, so now I put the bag into the freezer as soon as I have taken out the fresh portion I bought it for. It won’t be any good for salads, but it remains a very good and healthful thing to use in your cooking.

This has just come out of my freezer, gorgeous isn‘t it? Brim full of iron and potassium and magnesium and folate and calcium, so it is a good one for those of us who are dairy free. I always add my spinach at the end, how many times now have you heard me say add it to the bowl, not the pot to preserve the water soluble vitamins, well, spinach is high in these, including vitamin C, so don’t cook it, add it to your hot meal.


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