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Amazing Eggshells

Eggshells are amazing things, a biodegradable packaging, a protective barrier for baby chickens, strong enough to hold a person if they are supported in the right way. Just amazing, there is even research underway on turning spent eggshells into battery capacitors, imagine that?

So what does that have to do with us in the Cookie House, I hear you ask? Well, have you ever held a fresh egg up to your cheek? It has a slight electrostatic buzz, and for us, in our baking, this can be used to our advantage.

Here we go, I have been waiting for one of these for a while so I can show you something, do you see it?

No? How about now?

Yep, that’s it, just above the yolk, a shard of shell. Three layers of cuticle, calcified shell and membrane, a miracle of nature, and absolutely horrible to crunch into unexpectedly in the middle of your slice of cake.

So here is where that slight electrostatic charge that an eggshell has can help us, you see, nothing picks up a shard of eggshell better than the shell of a broken egg, they have an attraction of sorts. Just take your shell, slip it into the egg near the shard like this -

And the shard will be attracted to the eggshell, allowing you to scoop it up with ease.

Now just tip it carefully and let the egg white drain back in with the eggs, and the shard will stay with the shell.

See? Easy peasy. Now we can make cake without nasty surprises.

Sticky date pudding with no eggshell. My favourite!


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