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A weed is just a flower growing out of place

Who was it that said that? A weed is just a flower growing out of place? It is hard when you have so much space to police the weeds, and many are very beautiful and provide food for the little birds and the bees, does that make them wrong? I don’t know. I pull out the Patterson’s Curse, never spray it, because we have mogolones, root crown weevil, a biological weapon against the curse, it holds its own most years, but this year is a bad one, the worst since we moved here, actually, interestingly, we moved here on the tail end of a drought and the place was purple with curse, a few very dry years and it is back. Makes you think doesn’t it?

Here are a couple more that have sprung up in my garden and so long as they stay put I will leave them for the birds and the bees.

This is gazania, pretty thing, and should cockroaches inherit the earth, this fellow will be right there beside them. Tough does not begin to describe it.

This is bulbil Watsonia, I pulled a heap of this out a few years ago but it is colonising again. The honey eaters love it, so I am of two minds, but it certainly isn’t, one little bit left and off it goes again.

I don’t know what this is, it reminds me very much of Queen Anne’s Lace, which I don’t think it is, but it is a pretty thing.

I could take pictures of my weeds all day for you, but I have work to do, so it is off to the Cookie House for me.


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