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A practical twist

Do you like my cup? I bought it because it has two of Mr T’s favourite birds on it, the fairy wren and the kookaburra, both of which we have hoards of here at the farm.

I figured I would just use it without the lid, I most certainly have never used the ridiculous little ceramic spoon that came with it. I do use the strainer that it came with that the lid fits on top of, I use it for my coffee, which I make these days by steeping, just like tea, or for tea instead of a bag because I don’t like to use a bag, I like my tea weak but flavoursome, to achieve that you need to use fewer leaves and let them steep for a little while, the old three dunks and you’re out rule with teabags gives a weak tea, but no hind flavour. Anyway, so it came with a dinky spoon (tossed that in the drawer never to be seen again), a strainer which I knew would be of use to me and a lid that I presumed was there either for decoration, or to keep the flies out. I was wrong. You have probably figured out by now that I am nothing if not a practical woman, and this is actually an incredibly practical system. The lid keeps my hot beverage warm for ages, and this is very important when you are using home made nut milk in your coffee/tea/cocoa/spiced latte because home made nut milk does not like the microwave (and to be honest, neither do I).

The only downside to this cup is that it is fairly delicate and I am not wonderful with delicate things, a chunkier cup would also hold the heat in better so that my beverage stayed warm for even longer. Perhaps I might make it a little sock on my knitting as meditation tool.


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