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A light repast

Lunch. I want to share with you my lunch for today. It is very, very simple, cost about $2, hits every one of the essential nutrients and took me two minutes to make. Here it is.

Sardines on ryvitas topped with a couple of bibs and bobs from the fridge and the garden. The reason I wanted to show you this is because I want for you to understand that getting all of the necessary nutrients into your day does not have to be hard, time consuming or expensive. It has been a while since we did a round meal, so let’s step back a bit and have a look at this one.

We have our whole grains in our ryvitas, I have not had these in a while, rye is a grass so it may not agree with me, but I am testing my grains again, trying to get more into my diet without my body going into revolt, I will let you know how I go, anyway, for most people, this is a really good option. We have our protein and our beneficial fats and a nice side order of calcium (via the bones) in our sardines, these sardines were in spring water, so I don’t have to be worried about what type of oil they were in, and anyway, they have enough fat in them without drowning them in a whole different one. We have some lovely carbohydrate in both our ryvitas and our smattering of veg, some nice vitamins and minerals in our fish, capers, tomatoes, pepper and herbs, a boost of vitamin C in our squeeze of lemon.

Now there are so many things we could have added to this, a crumble of feta, a handful of olives or nuts, some gorgeous salami or poached chicken, a boiled egg...the list goes on and on, but the point that I am trying to make here is, here is a round meal, that ticks all of the boxes so simply, so deliciously and so affordably. This very simple light repast is a worthy addition to our Round Meal Hall of Fame.


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