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A beautiful thing

Isn’t that a beautiful thing? It is a little native I bought from the State Flora Nursery on a recon mission with Dee. I bought two, one said, “I hate it here” and died, this one said, “it’s all good” and is thriving.

I bought it for the honeyeaters, hence the long tubular flowers, they look a bit like orchids to me close up.

The bees love them too. Good morning Bee.

The plant you can see behind it is a broom, covered in buds, it will be a yellow delight in a couple of weeks. I got three of those, marked down to $1 each at Bunnings because they were almost dead. I shoved them in the ground and they perked right up and got HUGE! I don’t mind that, it shows enthusiasm. I would have thought the bees would love those too, but they show no interest in them whatsoever, so it just goes to show that a rose by any other name may not smell as sweet if you are a bee.


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