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A beautiful morning

Good morning! It is such a beautiful morning here on the farm I thought I would share it with you. Would you like to see my little farm?

It is a special place. A place of peace.

We are blessed to live here.

The orchard is beginning to wake up from its winter slumber. The apricots are heavy with flower, IF we get rain we could easily exceed our previous record of 196 kilos from three trees.

That is the girls in the background. Good morning Sandy. Good morning Wheezy.

This is Jess, she is a bit of a feral.

And she seems to be following me.

I like to have some little ornaments in my garden, Dee calls it critter gardening. It gives me a bit of colour in the summer when everything turns brown.

I used to be very resistant to planting flowers, I always said, if it won’t feed me, I will not water it, but I have gained a modicum of sense as I am getting older and I plant some flowers now for the bees and for myself. Here is a little native bee communing with my ranuncula.

From bud to spent flower, we are beautiful in all of our stages.

Speaking of beautiful. This is Bruno, he is my darling.

I will take you over the hill one day and show you the train as it comes through the valley, it is a sight to behold, but not today as the grass is wet and I am wearing my slippers.

How about we check on our newest additions instead? I noticed yesterday that they are rampantly flowering against explicit instructions to focus instead on root development this year.

Young fruit trees are just like teenagers, they never listen.

Good morning Bee!

And you have a good morning too.



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