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Did you hear the thud? That was me, falling off the plant wagon. I blame bestie Dee, she pushed me (and she fell first).

Every year we go for a little shopping jolly for our birthday, Dee’s is at the start of March, mine is at the start of April, so we go for a little something together, usually involving plant shopping and cars full of plants. This year I went with a set spending limit! $50! Well, this gorgeous haul was a bit more than that, but isn’t it beautiful?

I got some gorgeous aromatics bushes for the garden, some nice shrubs for the driveway and some lovely herbs for eating and medicine and being pretty.

Some chives and feverfew and a beautiful lemon verbena to replace the one I killed.

A funny little mint I had to practically wrestle Dee for (there was only one).

A gorgeous saltbush that will give me tiny squashy berries to go in my salads. Yes, all in all a lovely day. Thank you my Dee and happy birthday.



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