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Jess is in full nightclub bouncer mode here, complete with stony stare and braced shoulders.

She is a funny dog, she is shar pei/mastiff cross and quite the most intelligent animal I have ever had anything to do with, and I was companion to a horse who could have been a brain surgeon if he had had opposable thumbs. She has been playing “horse, horse, horse” this morning, which involves shouting at the horses from this side of the fence while they put their ears back and shake their manes at her from the other side of the fence. It is a game that gives all of them hours of harmless amusement. Bruno also loves to play “horse, horse”, when he is not inside collating his collections of socks and slippers.

I was very resistant to Jess at first, I said, I already have a dog, she is Mr T’s dog, and she does love him devotedly, though she will not do a thing he tells her to. She looks at him impassively, just like she is doing in the photo, and says, shar pei has only one master. Luckily that turned out to be me and not herself. She is the most affectionate of animals and insisted that I would love her until I folded in self defence. She considers all things on the farm under her protection, though that does not stop her from giving the chickens, sheep and horses a good serve of cheek.

She is a farm blessing.


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